Infrared lasers has been known to people in the last 10 years and with development semiconductor industry became common in solid-state version.

Infrared, or IR for short, is very dangerous because human eye can’t see it. I remember my first experiments with 5W solid state laser. Naively I though that red spot on the paper it was because wave length was very close to my sensitivity. Apparently. I saw the re-emitted red spectrum and I could easily damage my eyes.   The other factor which makes IR beam very dangerous that it can still pass through the anterior structures of the eye and reach the retina.  Therefore human eye do not blink as of reflex to protect eyes from damage. This damage can be done even by modest power lasers without any immediate symptoms. Only later, will the damage become evident as your brain will initially fill in for the damaged receptors.  Eyes cells do not regenerate, you must be careful not to damage your eyes.

One of the best application for IR laser is long range night vision. Because laser beam can go very far distance with minimal diversion, we have seen very good illumination on very long ranges at very modest power usage.

As we sell our Infrared lasers, we ship them AS IS, without power supply and do not provide  full support. This is due to limiting our liability for experimentation you do with them.  We believe that only smart and skilled person will be able to power and not burn IR laser head. But with skills and smartness we believe you will have wisdom to use it safely for yourself and all around you.